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Business lunch

Lunch offer at Vairāk Saules restaurants on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00.
At your choice: soup of the day or dessert + main course + drink (tea, coffee, juice, mineral water).


Offer price: 7.95EUR

Monday Crusty chicken fillet stuffed with herb butter, served with cold potato salad and  Remolade sauce.
Tuesday Pork tenderloin in Milanese, homemade noodles with basil and sun dried tomatoes pesto,  cheese and cherry tomatoes.
Wednesday Veal roast roast with potato noodles and butter beans.

Grilled salmon shashlik with basmati rice, fresh salad and adzhika.

Friday Pilaff with mutton and beef. Surved with salad (tomatoes, cucumbers and onions).




Vairāk Saules - Italian cuisine, Pizza, Sushi -

Business lunch

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